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Data Center Planning: Standardized Process

* Define what constitutes a project within the context of the data center lifecycle * Discuss the importance of standardizing a process * Describe the basic structure of the standardized project process * Identify the steps involved a standardized process * Review project management techniques * Adopt a method for tracking responsibilities * Deliberate the benefits of leveraging services to execute process steps, and you will be able to * Explain ways to obtain additional learning opportunities in data center design
As the design and deployment of data center physical infrastructure moves away from art and more toward Science, The benefits of a standardized, predictable process are becoming compelling. Beyond The ordering, delivery, and installation of hardware, any build or upgrade project depends critically upon a well-defined process as insurance against surprises, cost overruns, delays, and frustration. this course presents an overview of a standardized, step-by-step process methodology that can be adapted and configured to suit individual requirements.
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Topic : Operations and Management

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