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HVAC and Characteristics of Air-SI Version

* Define sensible and latent heat, and enthalpy * Calculate the heat flow in an HVAC system given input parameters * Define wet-bulb and dry-bulb temperature, and dew point, and understand their relevance to management of humidity in HVAC systems
HVAC & Characteristics of Air introduces some basic HVAC terms that are useful when looking at the efficiency of an HVAC system. This course discusses how an HVAC system manipulates the properties of the air in the conditioned space to regulate a desirable rate of heat transfer. Calculations for Sensible Heat Transfer and Total Heat Transfer are also explained.
Course Credits: This course has been approved by BOMI International for the following continuing education credit: * Approved by BOMI for (1) CPD point. This course qualifies for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for graduates of the RPA, FMA, and/or SMA designation programs by BOMI International, the Independent Institute for Property and Facility Management Education. The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) has approved this course for continuing education credits. ASHE issues in quarter-hour increments, and this course qualifies for .25. The total of 10 contact hours equals 1 continuing education credit. "This course has been approved by the The Institute of Hospital Engineering, Australia (IHEA) for the following continuing education credits: * Approved by IHEA CHCFM Program for (0.5) continuous professional development credits"
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Topic : HVAC

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